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A little SoulSpeakin

We are supernatural beings pullin' in the multi-dimensional transcendental monumental feel the organic cosmic environmental tones sounds transmissions downloads trust the primordial galactic angelic time to take the soul highway synchronistic omen emblematic get rid of the static; soul emphatic lead ourselves, first to the promised land ashes to ash-less ashes, dust to dustless dust there is no if, and or must... BE strong spirit sacred is not a happened chance life is always in the dance

hold nuthin' let nuthin' hold you free flowing glory glowing reaping sowing in harmony manifesting da' best in me feel that free free is free love is free you are free I AM FREE

imagination seeds of creation no limits to manifestation instantaneous, infectious to the ones ya' think ain't awake we all been faked think twice hold the golden chalice icons spaceship sins were wins where ya' been? chasin' dark shadow pieces in between the creases of love to lust gone blind is the human til they cross every demon of they mind find the soul true n tried; bona fide feel the glide; coronation apocalyptic mama say the veil been lifted grab ya' grip for the next shift get my drift? always alright consciousness is not a battleground come on down; colors in the sound speakin' seekin' glory an absolute not an inheritance, obligation celebrate cuz it's a celebration let the light shine from your eyes

shuck da' holy whole hand jive christ consciousness inside balance groom n bride remove the sludge grudges then ya feel the nudge soul devotion; kundalini explosion cobalt blue rockin' and rollin' holdin' moldin' unfoldin' check this light body out, man doing all i can to keep up face my many faces cookie crumb trail through the ego traces grace from perceived disgraces leather lovin laces finally crazy ain't crazy less ya' spiritually lazy

bring it on home now heaven within to earth without welcome the energies we are blessed we earned it we are soul. #thehumanisthehero

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