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Beyond it all.


all the treachery, the misery competition and conspiracy, is a man who will remember the love of, "she"

He will drop his guard his armor, Even he’s shadow and remember the love of, "he"

he remembers in his bones, his role, is to love her, them, and we,

He will let go, surrender, the stance, he once held, to now join her, in the essence, they are, as "One"

The beauty he now see's though her eyes as them, as we, as one,

He remembers her power her magic, her softness, the dream that she holds in creation she has for them

He expands in this love of her for him, for them.

this is the magic the love, the key, the service to self the service of one the spell of reverence the magic of unified Oneness anchored and embodied as one.

The feminine the masculine pure love sacred sexuality christ consciousnes as ONE

mirror to mirror living and being the melding the magic the wholeness of them now ONE

Love is the Key to their creations together A new way of being creating together all of their dreams.

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