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Dance of the Divine. Written Dec 2015

As the Divine Feminine has returned, coming from a higher point of Grace, having sacrificed in pain, suffering and degradation, Her blossoming unfolds with the understanding of Her true and divine nature, as evidenced by the selfless spiritual acts She has blessed the Universe and this Earth with. Her awakening is fueled by each moment as she discovers, uncovers and recovers the sacred knowledge she carries, clearly seeing the beauty, wisdom, power and love she had forgotten in Herself, but with each eternal breath regaining her lofty space in the Cosmos; this new, but ancient knowledge fuels within Her the proof of Her place, Most High, because the price that She paid is obvious and commands Presence.

Yet, the Divine Masculine has a different trajectory. He comes from the illusion of a higher place in the physical existence, but a complicated lower vibration in the spiritual plane. Where She has risen from a lower station in the Earth's 3D passion play, powered by the now rising epiphany eruptions of what She gave up for Him and for the expansion of the Universe. Her path was much more difficult to traverse in Man's short history, however, Her ascension comes with a constant flow of validation of Her spiritual worthiness in the same manner of so many prophets and heroes; Jesus, Magdalene, Joan of Arc, among others, because the virtuousness of Her sacrifice and pain is easily apparent. And as the wheel of Karma wields Her mighty hand, the path before the awakening of each and every Divine Masculine will be altogether different, polar opposite, to what She has demonstrated to Him. His road will be heavy, as He comes to the brutal understanding, admission and hard truth that will surface in guilt, shame and a self-depricating personal blame, before the beginnings of any revelations of His divine aspect and place as a multi-dimensional god in the true reality of this extraordinary multi-dimensional universe.

Where does He start, but from the same sacred silent point that She has risen from and how does He begin this long awaited final leg of a journey, which will prove his worthiness, holy and whole, equal to the Goddess? In the perfect order, it makes sense that She has risen first, so that when he comes to terms, painful and true, of what He took from Her and falls to the knees of His soul in surrender, the Divine Feminine will be waiting with Her loving patience and tenderest heart to receive Him in His suffering, to hold Him in His tears and to eventually assist the Divine Masculine in all His Glory and Honor.

Yet, before the Sacred Union can be realized, He must face every mask He has worn, every lie He has lived and every single feminine energy He has adorned as prize, possession and unjustly harmed. These are the scars remained and in the rewards of a Universal retribution, He will by conscious physical mind examination, acknowledge, admit to and unveil every vulnerability beneath the surface of the lies of dominance the world conditioned Him to and that he, by Free Will, embraced and perpetuated.

All is not lost, but rather found come the pains of awakening a false crown been given now, to be removed unjustly rewards lived for so many times died for a loftier place He was told yet, an unveiling, brutal beautiful and bold He saw Her, beneath Himself a universal paradox She was above Him and though She must claim Her Divine Eminence and she has, permeating through the lifeblood of Mother Earth, now He must wipe the tears away of sins and sorrow removing the faces pasted in His ego mind and unveil the treasures of a Unique and Equal Divinity to match Her Own Tomorrow has risen a Holy Matrimony births in the universal multiplicity many new stars to be born from the Sacred Marriage a union of perfect symetry Two becomes One and the circle remains UNBROKEN...

The Universe teaches all of us in a paradoxical perfection. This is nothing new, call it Yin and Yang, but another version to describe in mankind's terms what is the Golden Rule. A perfect order, a perfect place, where the mindset of a need to be saved, is in fact the key to finding salvation, but not as Man had in mind, rather to find liberation from the external comforts and their hold on the ego of Him. Having fed him career, stature, superiority, power, dominance and the narcissistic mentality of what is good for Her, is decided by Him, and what applies to Her shall not apply to Him, the Divine Masculine bred in a cake and eat it, too existence, now comes full circle to understand His salvation is to be attained by removing the false idol the world made of Him and to discover the only savior is Him and the only saving to be done, is from Himself.

Blessings are burdens and burdens are blessings; therein lies the wisdom of His soul's evolution, to find the crisp, sharp truth of the lessons in the lies and the grace and liberation, which comes with finding His truth behind the prevarications of a world that granted Him an ungodly godliness in the broadest sense. Now, as the 'blessings' are unmasked as a tool of a dark principality, hellbent on enslaving both genders, He must first acknowledge from His heart-mind spirit that He was given the false rights and authority to control, contain, possess and constrict His divine counterpart, because without the recogniton of His faulty position and the repercussions from it, He will be mis-aligned in every chakra and His true nature; light being, illuminated god, will be kept in the shadow of a lower vibrational Earth.

To do this, wholly, the Divine Masculine can circumvent the many small acts perpetrated in His memories, which can bring so much angst, pain and suffering in the realm of awakening to what really went down on Mother's Earth. Every one of the small acts is in fact, one and the same, so to recognize the imbalance and the effect it had on the world in every single area of His own universe, cannot in itself be avoided at all. It is the necessary fears of facing the overall reality that He can much easier come to terms with, than the personal contributions he gave to the collective vibration shared by every soul. It's the individual episodes, the sexist behavior, homophobic mentalities, the dominance wielded over Her and others, the weak, the poor, the strange, which can be almost immediately erased in one glorious and fatal swoop. A fish rots from the head down. There is no need to intensely revisit each and every sin turned to sorrow, if He can wholeheartedly engage the overall truth of what has happened.

Even the how and why, become virtually irrelevant. What does it matter if a malevolent ET force captured the Earth in some type of cosmic time space warp, infected from the consciousness of mankind, or if the Devil storyline is more fitting? What does it matter how He arrived to this station in the life of soul, or how He was mislead? To recognize the collective Divine Masculine was as asleep as the Divine Feminine energy, begins the re-birth of the freedom, power, wisdom and love of what has been a subordinated Higher Self and with it comes the Knowledge of a non-existent Time and Space. Wisdom is knowledge combined with action and it is by the action of recognition to the heart-mind of spirit to what His role has been that He can also cancel out the questions of how and why, because the past, present and future merge into one and as the past can hurt Him no more, He is free to realize His own divine essence in the present moment, without the need to languish in the past and it's lower level vibrational memories, or to project a future as He has in the past, of the temporary, soon to be gone present that we are all ascending from based on the imbalance we are all systematically healing from, by the divine, far beyond biblical discovery of the Illuminated Beings we are.

The 'Fall' set the cosmic stage for a rising and although in the great mysterious paradoxical teachings of the Universe, She conceded from a higher vibration to take on a role of a demeaning and necessary secondary role, enslaved to Him on the physical plane, He conceded from a higher vibration to take on a role of a demeaning and necessary false superior role, enslaved to Himself on the physcial plane. As She has come to terms with Herself in giving up her soul's freedoms, compromising spirit, He has to come to terms with Himself in giving up his soul's freedoms, compromising spirit. Both gender energies served their Universe with purpose and meaning and recognizing the imbalance, leads to recognizing the Higher Vibration of their roles in the Universal Order of Omniscient Wisdom and the expansion of the Highest Expression of the greatest power in the Universe, Unconditional Love.

It is in the relics of the near absolute power he contained on the earthly plane; domination, competition, control, greed, enslavement turned over in the metamorphisis of an awakening Divine Masculine, which leads Him through the necessary step of a divine acknowledgment that in His sins, comes the appreciation of His efforts in the Cosmic Plan. This is the lead-in to the awakening, the ascension of the Divine Masculine, as He comes to understand that His role can only be seen by the Eyes of Soul found in the senses, frequencies and vibrations come forth by way of the integration of the 5th Dimension and not by the Eyes of the Ego dwarfed mind of the 3rd Dimension. So in the 'Fall', He begins to see the 'Rising'.

A fallen man, a fallen angel, a fallen ascended, a fallen star, a fallen essence of a god; all descriptions are one and the same. His role, as harrowing and hurtful it seemed, was and is of the most divine, benevolent and selfless nature, matching Her in all virtue and aspects, regardless of the hologram created, collectively and it's appearance that He has been the culprit, the antagonist of what seemed to be a personal affront to both feminine and masculine energies, including His own. We have no idea how much further the Truth evolves, but we know the heading is set to the direction of Unconditional Love and the synonyms of Wisdom, Light, Spirit and Soul. What we do know is that the 5th dimensional truth is higher than the 3rd's and by virtue of that all the scars are removed, erased and superceded by the highest light we can hold, newly re-discovered. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth and it is from the History as re-told by the 5th dimension that the imperfect perception of the 3D is irrelevant and the challenge becomes ridding ourselves of the human condition on a personal level, forgiving Himself becomes part of the process, but once He crosses the halfway point and His authenticity takes on the primary role, forgiveness itself becomes non-existent, because He realizes sin never existed and all of the 3D experience is seen in it's true light. Humility and honor shroud and eradicate the now, meaningless harm He may have thought lessened His worthiness, brought into his perceived consciousness by a Higher Order that He himself designed and ordained.

In many ways, the Divine Feminine began lifting the veil, first, to offset the vast complications the Divine Masculine would be faced with, but She did it out of more than compassion. She did it in honor of His service, because She knows to awaken from a higher vibrational point, with all it's difficulties, is to come from a point of disempowerment to a point of empowerment. She also knows that in His case, the disempowerment He is to experience comes in the transition and will be more difficult to overcome; to relinquish His power, false power, or not and She loves Him for the pain He agreed to experience, as He awakens to love Her for the pain She endured at the lower vibration, she awakens to love Him for the pain He endures transitioning into a higher vibration that quite frankly, she was always closer to. It's the perfect example of Infinity. She suffered the many years in a very real at the time, lower vibrational reality, while he seemed to flourish, but on the other side of the Infinity sign, he must descend to ascend and in the perfect balance of Infinity's Creation, both find the equality that will bring in the New Earth.

The Divine Masculine in the transition to the 5D reality is coming from a different vantage point and though the balance of blindness and awakening, pain and perfection is equal in all regards to the Divine Feminine, the path to redemption, the transition from an imperfect mentality of 3D to the perfection of the 5D is different, to say the least, but when He grasps the ultimate reality of the unreality of his man-made superiority, the personal errors and transgression each Divine Masculine experienced become as harmless as they seemed harmful and the 'Fall' is no more, a fall, but a unified rising in which She takes His hand and He takes Hers. Divinity Speaks and the chains are removed. He has risen. She has risen. We have risen. All merge to ONE.

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