Liberation and Opportunity

There's a lot of liberation opportunity at the moment there's also a lot of dying going on, too...

anything and everything is up for examination, creation and destruction...

and the key to alchemy is realizing to work with what we have, our own prejudices biases, shadows and programming they are the ingredients of LOVE and can be TRANSFORMED to an even HIGHER LOVE...

they are the catalysts of new earth

the universe is holding our feet to the fire and nothing, no one is an exception... we are being afforded a chance to raise the bar, all of us, every individual, every couple and every group.... all based on how honest WE can be with ourselves and WE are doing THAT

give yourself some credit, because YOU and I are the NEWEST TITANS of the UNIVERSE!!!

there's a fine line between the old and the new it's called the SOUL HIGHWAY... I SEE YOU!

we are standing right next to each other we've been LIVING in the LIGHT all along it's the DARKNESS we thought we were standing in.

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