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The future you is here!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

There is a future you, just in another time line, waiting for you to align with that aspect of you. it is already done, already in existence and all you need do is align, intend to meet with that future version of you, who already has it all sorted.

Ask this future aspect, to arrange this alignment and he/she will make the necessary arrangements.

Your future self already exists and we forget that there is no time, or space and we forget how dearly our older selves would love to share that energy that they have and contain within, with us, now, in this very moment.

Time lines, dimensions, history, future, past, time and space are only a limitation of the human mind.

ALL exists in all moments and ALL is available for use in all moments.

We are conscious or unconscious Creators.

What is made conscious becomes conscious creation and self responsibility for for New Earth Creation.

We are here to remember who we are.

Play consciously with your power and consciously create this New Earth.

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