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SoulSpeak' funky meditation; SoulogyStyle.

We all comin' from the same place trauma central true n tried life slapped us all in the face

but now we awakening demonstrating esoteric mainstream, killin' lies and livin' dreams

dark nights brought soul sacred spirit screams not whatchya think it's whatchya know

activation, stimulation etheric simulation meditation visualization instant creative manifestation

come n' see reveal the WE fears fallin' hear da' silent angels callin' galactic downloads halo high ballin' feel it risin' 'bout to hit the Mama lode

feel it risin' we got this shi(f)t getchya' grace grip ego stripped let this motha rip

air water fire n' ice stone cold blue perpetual cycle it's on the level don't think twice balance integrate

guard ya ' space hells to heavens holiest place grindin' in da' grace

energetic etheric fields shadows repelled revealed spirit science seven sealing arc of covenant divinity dealin' trippin' trillin' by da' millions hope ain't healing got the mojo magical senses supernatural take ya' hat off to me n' you after all we been thru

fkn force fantastical mystical masterful ancient alchemical unifying untraditional remembering reminisceintal culture conventional comes conditional relavational relovelutional sacred is the soul-lutional I can get used to this

drop ya' guard love don't have to be so hard we come so far supersoulgasmicsupersistars brothers can you feel me mama you can heal me world tried to steal me love has revealed me.

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