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Surrender and meet her there


The voice of her, is now to be heard

Her anger Her fear Her rage Her submissiveness Her compliance Her subservience Her fear Her role Her silence Her lesser than Her weakness Her support Her game Her hiding Her stance Her support is this game

Her love Her understanding Her compassion Her enabling Her excuses Her trying Her playing , all the games

Her trauma Her confusion Her pain Her patience Her compassion Her listening Over and over again

Her relenting Her releasing Over and over again Her unconditional Strive for A new picture Anchored In this new time Of him Showing her What is possible

In this new Paradigm

Yes he’ll Have to Do what’s not , been done before Reach so deeply Into darkness To find Him Again

There , he’ll find her Waiting for him Sitting patiently The new terrain

Here he sees her Through the programs Of the past Here here finds her Loving through the Games of old

Where they meet As one again

Surrender , surrender Meet her in there The point of oneness The place You very first met.

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