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When Divinity Speaks.

Awakening is more than the terms, 'born again', resurrection, enlightenment, or even reincarnation. It is a point in our lives when we become aware of the soul, not just in its presence, but in the magic, power and the multiple senses of awareness, beyond the five we have known, which then are brought into our earthly existence by a choice of listening.


a greater humility, a lesser pride, a more open mind, a higher sense of compassion, selfless actions, without the need for acknowledgment, the mistakes made, without need for justification, but instead... the ability to stand on intentions, misguided, or not as we begin to grow in the confidence of authenticity.


it's when we sense the inadequacy of what is human, the labors of our efforts spent toward our vanities of ego; the perfection never to be obtained in our public persona, the hard reasons we hold onto, of having been offended and the personal strife we hold onto because of them, learning to clear the way before us by the light within us.


it's when we wake up to the ignorance of our beliefs, realizing that we accepted them at face value, having given more credence to the 'authority' of cultural absolutes, than to the still, small voice within us... that speaks to us from what is The Deepest Place, Most High... to walk in the serendipity and synchronicity; the food of the gods.


Time and time again, we are shown glimpses of LIGHT, where we see the unspoken language of what is eternal, both within us, and in those things that are the mirrors of our lives... and so often we had washed them away to luck, coincidence and aberration, leaving us empty and incomplete, until we discover the essence of the connection of a ONE MIND.


Then, an innate bravery takes hold, from the root of SPIRIT and we begin to put into motion the power of an unseen inertia that cannot be proven by the best science or the holiest book, but only by the mechanics of living and being, without giving up, or giving in to... the world and its senseless boundaries.


The Soul Highway is not the road of ease and comfort, at least not in the first part of the journey, because the soul is you... the Highest Self and it is your best friend, never telling you what you want to hear, but rather telling you the TRUTH... always to comfort you in painful awakening.


The truth will always lead you further up the endless road to freedom, by removing the lies the world gave to you, until the last part of you is left, the part you came into this life and world with, the part that is self-reliant, the part that is holy, whole and forever embedded in the memories of the soul.

These terms we look to qualify our existence with, in the search we share that not one of us can deny, do not even add up together to what is an awakening, for the past does not awaken, it is quite simply remembered... and therein lies the the fruit of the words...


Destiny realized begins with the Memories of Soul and the Memories of Soul are realized by the merit we give to the signs of and the faith we have...

when Divinity Speaks.

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