Here at Soulogyfest we will be sharing presentations and performances in the spirit of the I AM SOUL.


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A 3-day activation and celebration of Self, located in the magic of
Mulberry Mountain Lodge.

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Concert Crowd


Soulogy Fest is a local and on-line gathering of like minded souls coming together to experience one another, sharing gifts, abilities and stories of our shared experience in this transition we call ascension, in a multi-faceted setting lending to our multi-dimensionality, with music, artistic expressions, presentations and performances, as we tap into the spirit of collaborative co-creation utilizing the power of the new universal energy and coding expanding via spontaneity, intuition, synchronicity, imagination and creativity in the power of the moment.

Ticket price from $111 - $444

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What's included in the price?

30 hours of continuous presentations and performers with more than half of the allocated stage time dedicated to attendees celebrating YOUR unique creative expression. Unleash your Soul signature and share codes, meet your Soul family in person and create from a safe place of vulnerable beauty.

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We’ll keep you hydrated and cool (ish)! Water stations fed from a spring well be available so don’t forget to bring your water bottle. Misting stations in tents will be set up to keep you cool.

(Not included in the ticket price)

FOOD/BEVERAGES: On site food trucks with menus that will include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Attendees may also bring in your own beverages and food.


On site primitive camping and RV sites are available to be booked directly with Mulberry Mountain Lodge.

Group hotel options located in Ozark (20 minute drive) and Clarksville n Van Buren(45 minute drive) will be announced by June 25th and will be available to be booked directly with the hotel.

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AIRPORTS: Main airports are Fort Smith, Arkansas (airport code FSM) and Fayetteville, Arkansas (airport code XNA).

OTHER ACTIVITIES: ATV rentals, hiking, swimming holes, Mulberry River, canoeing and horseback riding

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$555 for two admissions ($888 value) tables, tent and electrical under one 30 x 10 with two other vendors (there are two of these, so six slots), or one of three 10 x 10 tents. First come, first to select your spot. Includes 2 twenty minute slots on stage live on location, livestream and MP4. 


We will be looking for assistance in exchange for a reimbursement of half of the ticketed price – look for announcements here soon.


Please contact Todd Medina at

Presenters/Performers/Visual Artists/Musical Artists/ Workshops:

Please contact Todd Medina at

All media/ Other:

Please contact Todd Medina at

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Will there be any workshops off the main stage?

Yes, we will have workshops and sessions off the main stage located in the big tent such as yoga, meditations and group sessions.

What is the weather like?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 3°F, from 93°F to 90°F, rarely falling below 82°F or exceeding 100°F.
Daily low temperatures decrease by 3°F, from 71°F to 68°F, rarely falling below 59°F or exceeding 77°F.
There will be misting tents and water stations.

Is there water available on site?

Yes, there will be water fill stations. Please bring your own water bottles or containers.

Will there be charging stations?

Yes, there will be charging stations for your phones.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, please check the volunteer section in ‘Participate’, we will be offering a trade for volunteer functions in exchange for a 50% reimbursement of the ticketed price.

Will there be first aid?

es, we will have an RN team and/or an EMT on site with a designated, visible area.

What if I need additional supplies, i.e. sunscreen, personal supplies?

There is a general store at the entrance of the venue.

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Are there flushable toilets and showers?

There will be port-a-pottys for the general admission, shower and toilet facilities are available as well for those that stay in the cabins, RV and regular campground.

Will food, beverages and other items being sold at the festival?

There will be at least 3 food trucks, to include gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and other options. Also, there will be various vendors updated on this site in the ‘Participate’ section.

Will there be a lost and found?

Yes, there’s a lost and found at the main office.

What is the Age requirement?

18 and over, any exceptions please contact Todd Medina at

Can tickets be purchased on site?

Tickets can be purchased on line at Eventbrite before and during the event.

Are day passes available?

Yes, day passes will be made available and will be added to the purchase options 3 weeks prior to the start of the event.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds are provided.

Can tickets be purchased on site?

Tickets can be purchased on line at Eventbrite before and during the event.

Are day passes available?

Yes, day passes will be made available and will be added to the purchase options 3 weeks prior to the start of the event.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds are provided.

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Can I camp or bring an RV/Camper?

Yes, please make arrangements direct with the venue at

What is considered an RV or camper?

An RV or camper is considered to be any vehicle larger than a 16 passenger van. All busses, towable trailers, campers, and pop-ups are also considered an RV or Camper for purposes of this festival

Are there hook-ups or dumping stations available?

There is an on-site dumping station. Water and electrical available at the RV sites, please make arrangements direct with the venue at

Is there any gas on-site?

No, please come prepared, gas and other essentials can be obtained in Ozark at the bottom of the mountain.

RV in Dessert
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Can I camp?

Please make arrangements direct with the venue at

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Will there be camping supplies available for purchase?

There will be a general store on property for items such as bug spray, sunscreen, etc., but it will not have items such as groceries, or large camping supplies such as tents and shade shelters. It is recommended that you bring everything with you.

Can we have fires?

At this time, small fires are permitted in on premise fire rings only. You MUST have a 5 gallon bucket of water next to your fire pit and a shovel AT ALL TIMES. Fires must be attended AT ALL TIMES. If you are caught with an unattended fire, or a fire without a shovel and 5 gallon bucket of water, you will be asked to put it out, purchase a bucket or shovel if still available at the general store, or leave the premises. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. If there is a burn ban at the time of the festival it will be posted at the front gate. If this is the case, no open flames of any kind including grills will be allowed, and anyone who breaks the rules will be subject to arrest by a police officer.

Can I bring alcohol into the campgrounds?

Yes, you may have alcohol in the campground area only. Alcohol is NOT allowed to be brought into the main music area of the venue. 

Are we allowed to bring alcohol into the campgrounds?

Alcohol is allowed in the campgrounds only, and not allowed in the main part of the venue. Drugs are not allowed and will be punished by law. Large structures or pavilions are not allowed if they do not fit within your assigned camping area. You may not bring gas powered generators in the camping areas. (Solar is fine). RV Camping may bring gas powered generators with a valid RV Camper Pass. Large speaker systems that are amplified are also not allowed. Fireworks are not allowed.

Am I allowed to sell food, drink, or other merchandise in the campground?

Only approved vendors are allowed to sell anything on the festival grounds. You can apply to become an official vendor on the ‘Participate’ page.

Are bands or DJs allowed to setup and play in campground?

Acoustic setups are fine but please respect your neighbors and quite hours. If it needs power, leave it at home.

Can we bring a generator?

No gas generators are allowed in any camping area. The exception is in the RV area which may bring gas powered generators with a proper RV Camper Pass. Solar power or electric generators are OK everywhere in any camping area.

Is there electricity in the campgrounds?

No. Only Upgraded Campsites have Electric. Please contact the venue at with your question.

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