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Thank you for all your wonderful comments 



Soulogy "speaks & expresses my heart" & those conversations are "my best friends" on this Ascension Journey & since i "met" Soulogy i don't feel alone anymore & i feel myself changing inside together with Soulogy community and "people like me" & i looooooove listening to each person who comes up to Soulogy "platform" to speak & share their story & journey - I feel like I am with them together having this conversation & merging with them in that moment. I always learn something new, hear something that reminds me of my journey & helps me to put my puzzle together & opens up something more in me & I feeeeel such expansion & I feel love and togetherness & I feel acceptance & I feel uplifted by "being with my kind of people" & inspired & excited & always looking forward for next person to come up & next newness...

When I was without Soulogy sometimes I doubted my Ascension journey & I doubted positive future for humanity and sometimes I felt very down & negative about future of humanity & where it is all going & what's happening & all those super intense Ascension symptoms I was feeling & having but with hearing other people stories IT ALL MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE & gives more hope & more trust in the process & makes belief stronger - belief in better future - future of UNITY & LOVE 

Thank you.


I have been on this journey a long time I have cried I have laughed but most of all I have come to know a family on here whom are embedded in my heart .A good few years ago I bought a cherry blossom tree in my favourite garden I never planted it because I knew some day I would be moving .The day came that I did many years after a place I call home and I planted it in my garden I call it Todd and Morgan tree I have watched it grow and it’s roots are getting really strong .I watched it the other day and it’s flowers have gone because of winter that to me represents the journey that we shall be going through and I know when the day comes all shall be blossoming but even do it looks bare Outside underneath is so strong and one day I shall place a little wooden heart on it with Soulogy on it for my grandkids whom haven’t came to earth yet to let them know gramma was a hero and she had a massive army of love in Soulogy that kicked ass with vibration.

One love.

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